vineri, 27 iulie 2012

Each man is a creator of a temple called the human body.

Each man is a creator of a temple called the human body. A temple is an edifice erected to a deity, like a temple the human body is created for our life. But it is created and kept by us. And it’s integrity depends just on it’s master – the man. To build in us a strong, healthy human body, we need to respect many rules. If we manage all the things that we do, that affect our body, we will build a real healthy human body. There are many factors that affect or cultivate the human body. First of all to build a temple that would be strong enough to face all the problems, people must exclude from their life the word cigarette. Just in this case our lungs will say “Thank You”, for our kindness. The cigarettes and drugs interrupt our sound life, and can drive us to the biggest enemy of the human body – death. Another factor that is sometimes good in little quantities is alcohol. If we supradose our organism with this bomb with slow mechanism, we can destroy our beautiful temple, that all the life we made it with hardness. The main factor that builds a healthy body is practicing sport. The sport keeps your body well, fresh and full of life that can defend you from bad things from outside it. Even just the morning exercise make you full of power, active, more attentively and happy.jocuri online To prolong our life and at 40 years to keep our body like at 20, we need to use all the vitamins that are good for our body, our food regimen must contain daily doze of all necessary substances like proteins, fats, vitamins and other things that clean our body from all the viruses and bad substances. So, if we respect all those high signed things, we will have a body that will guard us, will face all the diseases, and will not make us shy in front of sweetheart, or in a strict sense we will have a beautiful and attractive body.

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