joi, 19 iulie 2012

About Families

About Families In olden times the families where very big. Usually they had between 7 and 12 children. They live in harmony. Now the families are smaller. They have 1 or 2 children. But sometimes also they have 3 children. The parents have not time for them. They work very hard and lot. In the past that wasn’t so. The children were helping their parents by the housework. When they have breakfast, lunch and dinner, they always eat together and they talk about the problems. The parents help the children by their problems. In our days it can happen that parents don’t have time for the kids, they eat together but they don’t communicate. That’s a bad thing. And there is another problem. Todays parents are sometimes very angry of each other, because they work a lot and they are very tired. It can happen that there is not much love lost between them and that can refer to a divorce. They should take care of the kid and stay friends. In the past this problem doesn’t exist so much. They live happily and in love without big problems. Every family has sometimes-good days and sometimes-bad days. Compared the two families we can see that has changed a lot from that time. They are different.

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