joi, 19 iulie 2012

A winter day

A winter day It was my thirteenth year on a cold winter's day, as I walked through the enchanted forest, I could see the tall silent trees holding large amounts of snow in their long branches. The ground was white as the snow had enslave it too. The whole landscape seemed a deserted one…the trees, the snow, the sun appeared to me as if they were only decorative objects in a silent play. The frozen atmosphere entered my blood and I felt frozen too. Then, I heard some sounds. I felt compelled to walk on and find the place of these sounds, and when the forest cleared I was standing on a hill and before me was a great plain and upon it dark grey clouds stood. I thought to myself, „for whom or for what are they waiting?”Suddenly a gust of wind came up from the North and it began to snow. It got darker and darker, the sky disapppeared and transformed into a gate through which thousands of snowdrops escaped. They touched my face and then they melted. My heart began to pound, storm clouds filled the sky with darkness, snow came upon me, and the four winds blew with such anger that I held fast to a tree. I watched the snow storm begin. The trees yield in their fight against the wind. The silence that had reigned upon that landscape had disappeared. Big black birds screamed while flying through the hattered clouds. Then howling wolves appeared. Their red greedy eyes terrified me but they did not see me as they were running after some dears. I could feel the ground shake, the earth drank much blood that day. After that, the storm became greater. There was no difference between the sky and the ground. It was a total chaos. The wind was making fun of everything, the dark clouds were very close to the ground as if they wanted to kiss it. I was still holding the tree when I noticed that the moon appeared, the storm had ended. Everything became as clear and as frozen as it used to be. I let go of the tree but the tree would not let go of me and I stood there admiring the moon, the beautiful stars…My hands were frozen, my whole body was frozen…but I felt relieved as I could fianly be one of the decorative objects of the play.

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